You can´t trick the gravitation

Do you like to tease your brain? Do you like logical solutions where especially your brain must take part?

Try a new game Boulders offering many hours of shrewd entertainment in 99 different levels.

Don´t let yourself be tricked. This game is neither boring nor tedious as some might think.

What decides is fast judgement, logical thinking and vision.

As in any other game one mistaken step or hesitation may cause downfall.

The Boulders principle is very simple in general.

At all times it is about transition from a place A to place B, in as little time and in as few movements of desk as possible.

The paths are getting more complicated and trickier with higher levels.

There will be a locked door in your way to be unlocked by a key that you have to find, some glass, fragile obstacles which you have to handle cautiously, movable boxes that are there not only to help you but also to make your life more complicated and eventually deadly lava which you mustn´t touch.

There is a strict law of gravitation with stone falling only downwards which makes an easy task a long-time process.

This game, although very simple and calm at first sight can turn into a flush of adrenalin, outrage and nerve-strain. We hope that the game cathes you from the very first level and results in many hours of enjoyment, thinking, and adrenalin with finding after one hour playing the game how easy it was.

Caution:Before you trample on your iPhone out of rage that you cannot resolve a problem, think twice before you do that. Every level can be passed and sometimes more easily than would one expect.

Good luck

Team Flier